1. What certifications do most of your products hold?
CE - ETL (USA and CANADA) - ROHS - UL LISTED (USA and CANADA) - Lighting Facts, DLC, Energy Star

2. Who are some utility affiliates that endorse NuGen LED Solutions?
EnergyStar, Duke Energy, AEP, First Energy, Ohio Edison

3. Who is your main clientele?
Factories, Outdoor Advertising, Schools, Municipalities, Hotels, Restaurants and Residential.

4. Why aren't there prices on the NuGen LED website?
We never charge our clients for "delivery truck" style shipping so according to your quantity and destination, we will provide you with the best deal through personalized quoting for every order. There are only a handful of items with steady price points. On mega orders where seaport pick-up is necessary, there may be a surcharge (included in your quote) for our logistics and administration in getting your bulk order to you.

5. How is a bulb or fixture rated for 50,000 hours without testing it for 50,000 hours?
Through a highly detailed procedure called "Age Testing" in which quality control and precision accuracy are hallmark. We only partner with manufacturers who have been mastering their craft for 5 years or longer.

6. Can your LED bulbs be installed inside enclosed fixtures?
All of our corn lamps from 120 watts and under, with their internal driver and heat displacement technology, are tactfully designed to replace metal halide bulbs and can be installed with absolute confidence inside enclosed fixtures such as panel lights on billboards and shoebox parking lot fixtures. The LED bulbs we provide to the outdoor advertising industry and retail parking lots are more than average lamps, they are reliable work horses with specific engineering that goes well beyond other corn lamps dabbling in the market that have reportedly failed in these types of fixtures. Only trust our DLC proven LED bulbs for your enclosed fixture upgrades.

7. What if snow builds up on my billboard fixture?
Our product's operational temperature, although not hot, is above freezing so you may set your lighting controller for an earlier starting time in order to melt the snow on your fixture before full dark sets in.

8. Where are NuGen LED's products manufactured?
We partner with the main technology district of China, along with our favorite die-cast cars, famous dolls, popular bicycles and our SmartPhones.

9. What are some brands of components used to make NuGen LED products?
Philips - Meanwell - Bridgelux - Luminous

10. Why is the NuGen LED Solutions product line so much more affordable than others?
We don't warehouse products. We distribute straight from the factory based on honoring your individual order. In most cases, the only hands that touch your product before you, are the hands that make it and the hands that deliver it. We have no store front and run our daily operations with a very low overhead. It is not our philosophy to spend thousands on marketing, then pass the charges on to the customer. We know our product and we know our market. If we found you it is likely from an organic lead and you have been aproached due to our ability to benefit your company's use of lighting and electrical consumption. It's simple, just like LED, we conserve...